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Current work |  In progress. Located northeast of Colombia, Barichara is a small town, recently declared national monument, partly due to the preservation of its architectural qualities, unlike other colonial towns in the country. In the northeastern town limit, Alto del Viento is a two-block urban housing project of different unit sizes and types that suit different spatial needs. Starting at 150m2 lots and 130m2 houses, possibilities vary depending on particular demands and progressive urbanization process. Local construction techniques such as rammed earth walls, wooden structures and clay tile roofings are used, not only to attempt strict urban regulations but also to propose other habitat forms within these traditional building methods. Visit project website here

Place info Department: Santander. Town: Barichara | Altitude: 1,336 meters above sea level | Average weather: 24ºC | Relative humidity: 57%

Construction process Dec/11. Rammed earth walls and wood roofings.

Aerial photo (source: IGAC) with town perimeter and most important landmarks | Schematic proposal Site plan and general elevations


For: Ernesto Jiménez, Angela Jiménez  View related article   | Collaborators: Ana Hakim, bioclimatic design Visit website  |  Construction: Ezequiel Alarcón. Technical studies team: Gilberto Rincón, topographer. Humberto Rueda, soil studies. Victor Navarro, electrical design.

A painting contractor and I made a deal once, in which he finished some aditional painting work for a project he was working on for me, and I in exchange helped him out with a basic scheme of a a children´s hair salon in his neighborhood. Southwest Bogotá, part of Ciudad Bolivar area is Sierra Morena. Here, a usual minimum lot size is 3m front x12m deep, resulting in 36m2 area where self-building goes up until three or four story houses with ever changing activities.  In order to suit the first floor for more productive purposes, they needed a plan to readapt the place for this new use.

Under construction housing building, located northeastern Bogotá, Rosales neighborhood. F1 Building, designed by arch. Camilo Esguerra is in a curved, irregular-shaped sloped lot, which made it very hard to standarize all housing units as well as their service areas. Therefore, the project demanded unique detailing for every specific apartment.

 For: Camilo Esguerra | Team: Felipe Bermúdez, Juan Valencia, Ana Hakim.

El Sagrado Corazón is a neighborhood some blocks away from Bogota´s downtown, where the US Embassy settled in the seventies. Several fifteen-storey buildings were built, some of them with apartments intended for temporary visitors. In the eleventh floor of one of these is a 60m2 single room apartment, not entirely suitable for the client: it lacked a laundry area, bathroom was insufficient and bedroom was poorly illuminated. What was done: replacement of the finishes that darkened the place, adaptation of a small laundry area, installation of a continuous upper window in the bathroom in order to give it some natural light, and the new bedroom division with a blackout roll instead of the previous wall.

Place info Country: Colombia. Department: Magdalena. Site: Guachaca River Beach | Latitude: 11º 16′ N / Longitude: 74º 03′ | Altitude: 0 to 900 meters above sea level | Average weather: 30ºC | Relative humidity: 80%

General view Simulation of what a cabin would look like, with a view to the river beach. The idea was to propose a modular pre fabricated structure that could be easily installed in the place, with evident accesibility issues.

Detailed views Concrete piles and lightweight slabs, and wooden frames for windows and terraces. This system was thought prioritizing flexibility in facades: lifted in the daytime and closed down during the night.

Site features Guachaca River, Long sloped terrain, and common architecture seen in this type of places, such as Ecohabs.


Client: Private | Team: Carlos Granada

Client: Bolivian Embassy in Colombia | Team: Carlos Granada, Ana Hakim

Place info Country: Colombia. Department: Cundinamarca. City: Bogotá D.C. | Latitude: 4º 42′05″  N / Longitude: 74º 01′40″ | Altitude: 2630 meters above sea level | Average weather: 13ºC | Relative humidity: 79%

Client: Private | Team: Carlos Granada | Bioclimatic studies: Ana Hakim

Place info Country: Panamá. City: Panamá. Area: Punta Pacífica | Latitude: 8º 58′29″ N / Longitude: 79º 30′23″ W | Altitude: 0 meters above sea level | Average weather: 27ºC | Relative humidity: 84%

Team: Arias Serna Saravia | 3d schematic images: María Luisa Vela | 3d photorealistic image: Oruga | Visit Trump Ocean Club website or Visit company site: Arias Serna Saravia

Client: Agencia Española de Coperación Internacional AECI, SCA Regional Bogotá. Team: David Delgado, Angela Rueda, Felipe Bermudez, Alejandro Peña | Collaborators: Diego Bermudez, Felipe Correa | 3D interior images: Jaime Guzmán | Visit project gallery in El Muro website | First Prize given to architect Juan Manuel Pelaez: Visit winning project site

Client: Alcaldía Municipal de Cota | Team: David Delgado, Felipe Bermudez, Mauricio Pinilla | Visit related article published in Universidad de Los Andes site

Client: SCA Regional Cundinamarca | Team: Angela Rueda

Director: Rafael Villazón Godoy Visit Rafael Villazon website | Teamed with: Sergio Romero Tobar | Visit project online construction process database

Director: Marc Jané i Mas | Team: Taller de Publicaciones Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad de Los Andes | Visit related article published in Universidad de Los Andes site

Director: Rafael Villazón Godoy | Book author: Nicolás Parra

Director and author of article: Rafael Villazón Godoy | Click here to see full article in pdf (spanish) from DeArq Magazine

Client: Simón Jaramillo | Team: David Delgado, Felipe Bermúdez

Client: Pablo González | Team: David Delgado, Angela Rueda, Felipe Bermúdez

Client: SCA Regional Valle del Cauca, Funmúsica | Team: Angela Rueda, Alejandro Peña, Felipe Bermúdez. Collaborators: David Delgado,  Javier Silva, Ana Hakim, Gabriel Campuzano, Mariana Restrepo, Lucas Oberlaender.

Client: Ministerio de Cultura Colombia, Gobernación del Casanare | Team: Angela Rueda, David Delgado, Gabriel Campuzano. Structural engineer: Ismael Santana | Collaborators: Brighitte Parra, Paula Valcárcel, Alejandro Peña | Photos: Gabriel Campuzano | View related article in A57 Newsletter

Client: Simón Velez | Team: Oruga arquitectos

Client: Ministerio de Cultura, SCA Regional Casanare, Fonade, Gobernación del Casanare | Team: David Delgado, Angela Rueda, Gabriel Campuzano, Felipe Bermudez, Alejandro Peña.

A large, tree-like shadow thought to produce silence, intimacy and a desirable environment for concentration. A sort of woven texture that filters sunlight and protects space from rain configures this large “shadow”, also proposed as a space to socialize. The building is put on site in two separate two-storey buildings, trying to leave enough free space around, in order to have a surrounding park with different qualities of public spaces, from green areas to hard-floored squares. The library is 2,500m2 area.

Project Authors: Gabriel Campuzano, Felipe Bermudez.

A sequence of natural and artificial shadows in a small lot. The urban environment suggests the creation of a much more private site that without isolating itself from the town, involves public space in its interior, generating sufficient visual aperture through transparency of parts of the building. Confined courtyards are places suitable for outdoor reading and other cultural activities; reason why the library is somewhat a large roofing that allows ventilation and guarantees appropriate lighting conditions for academic purposes.

Project authors: Angela Rueda, Alejandro Peña

Private competition for development of a large suburban housing project, convened by promoter Pedro Gómez. In this area, allowed density is 4 housing units per hectare. The main idea was proposing paired houses with a central patio, of around 180m2 built area, that would adapt to different topographic conditions of the sloped site.

Design: Ernesto Jimenez, Alvaro Cortés Boshell | Team: Tatiana Melendez, Isidro Salcedo, Lisa María Perez

Designed by Arch. Ernesto Jimenez. 10 storey building in northeastern neighborhood in Bogotá, El Chicó. 41 apartments from 100 to 200 m2. Formerly three lots with houses of the fifties, the total site area sums about 3,000 m2. The building is L shaped, with its short side facing the Virrey Park. All units, mostly duplex, have guaranteed ventilation and illumination through their two facades, main one towards the street or the park, and the rear one oriented to a large central area with visitors parking spaces and a small chldren´s park. What I did in this project was essentially collaborate in general plans drawing and detailing for construction process for about two years.

Fachada oriental del edificio

Project Design: Ernesto Jimenez | Construction: Jimenez Cortés Toro Ltda | Project manager: Isidro Salcedo | Photo: Daniel Guzmán


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