2010-2013 | Alto del Viento. Barichara, Santander (design direction)


Finalized in 2013 | Located northeast of Colombia, Barichara is a small town, recently declared national monument, partly due to the preservation of its architectural qualities, unlike other colonial towns in the country. In the northeastern town limit, Alto del Viento is a two-block urban housing project of different unit sizes and types that suit different spatial needs. Starting at 150m2 lots and 130m2 houses, possibilities vary depending on particular demands and progressive urbanization process. Local construction techniques such as rammed earth walls, wooden structures and clay tile roofings are used, not only to attempt strict urban regulations but also to propose other habitat forms within these traditional building methods.

Place info Department: Santander. Town: Barichara | Altitude: 1,336 meters above sea level | Average weather: 24ºC | Relative humidity: 57%

Aerial photo (source: IGAC) with town perimeter and most important landmarks | Schematic proposal Site plan and general elevations.

2010-2013. Location: Barichara, Santander For: Ernesto Jimenez, Angela Jimenez. View related article . Team: Ezequiel Alarcón, Luis Manuel Muñoz | Collaborators: Ana Hakim, bioclimatic design Visit website  |  Construction: Ezequiel Alarcón. Technical studies team: Gilberto Rincón, topographer. Humberto Rueda, soil studies. Victor Navarro, electrical design.


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