2019 |Social Housing in Ricaurte (proposal)

Private competition for Colsubsidio, a colombian compensation fund that provides housing for their members. Ricaurte, Cundinamarca is a small town close to the Magdalena River, south of Bogotá. It is currently developing at a significant fast pace, considering tthat it is a touristic destination mostly for bogotanos. 320 housing units of 57 and 44 sqm in a 1,18 Hectare plot are proposed in several east-west buildings, favoring a north and south orientation, avoiding direct sunlight radiation and furthermore, also avoiding air conditioning and unnecessary energy consumption.

Team: ALPEC Architects, Alejandro Peña, Eliana Marín,  Jorge Ibañez, Ana María Jaramillo. Collaborators: Santiago Reinel. Daniela Moya, Daniel Monroy, Maria Paz Galindo.


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