2019 | Developing Social Housing Projects -DSHP, Short Course OKP Nederlands Fellowship. Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies -IHS, part of Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Holland.

2016 – 2019 | Housing Studio professor (2nd year), Architecture Department, Architecture and Design Faculty at Universidad de Los Andes. Bogotá, Colombia.

Comparative Housing Analysis / in progress. Compared twentieth century single family detached houses. 2018.

2016 – 2017 | Territory and Urban Space professor (1st year). Urban Management and Development Program at Universidad del Rosario. Bogota, Colombia.

2013 – 2014 | Masters in Urban Design | University of California, Berkeley, US. College of Environmental Design.

2007 | Teaching for undergraduate architecture students | Architecture Department, Architecture and Design Faculty, Universidad de Los Andes | Projects II, Workshop 4 / Proyectos II, Taller 4: Tectónica | Teacher assistant in second year practical course about architectural design and building techniques. Project: a house with two options of constructive systems: either structural walls or column framing. | Technical workshop 1 / Taller Técnico 1 , second semester 2007 | Teacher in introductory course about structural principles for first year students.

2002-2003 | Undergraduate thesis: Lithurgy Square Veinte de Julio | Director: Daniel Bemúdez Samper | Honored thesis, also selected by the SCA (Colombian Society of Architects) in the 2003 students´ annual. Exposed with other undergraduate projects presented that year from all universities in the country.

2000-2007 | Seminars attended in Universidad de Los Andes | September 2000: City Lectures: Morphology and Typology, by Maurici Plá | April 2004: Travelling the city, seminar | October 2006: The Urban Project | November 2006: History lessons III: Modern architecture in Brasil, by Rosa Artigas | April 2007: Sustainability lessons I: City, Architecture and environment, by Jaime López de Asiain.


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