The following is a list of personal projects I have been part of.


2016 | En Concreto Taller. With Martin Villegas and Edwar Mora in woodwork.

Concrete and wood lighting fixtures. Personal project.


2010 – 2012 | Hoja Blanca Magazine Web design | Team: Catalina Ruiz-Navarro, Evelio Ramirez.

2008-2012 | En Botas Producciones / En Botas productions | Logo, concept, website. Team: Sergio Romero.

2009 | Bogotá 20.20 | Series of four posters of photos depicting rare places in the city

2009 | Cuba photo series | Published in Nowpublic.com in article View full Cuba photostream

2007 | The Window, photo series | Published in Cuadernos Azules #5, Universidad de Los Andes.

Since the beginning of my career, visual representation of architectural and urban issues has been important for me. In this sense, graphics have been the way I express my ideas. For a summarized graphics work sample Click here



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