2009 | House in Santa Ana, Bogotá

Place info Country: Colombia. Department: Cundinamarca. City: Bogotá D.C. | Latitude: 4º 42′05″  N / Longitude: 74º 01′40″ | Altitude: 2630 meters above sea level | Average weather: 13ºC | Relative humidity: 79%

Client: Private | Team: Carlos Granada | Bioclimatic studies: Ana Hakim

A household of five composed by two parents, both stockbrokers and their three kids. One of the last available lots in this almost suburban neighborhood is used to build a high end house, with generous gardens and a great view to the city. The first floor integrates the social areas, a versatile workplace with a shared office and a reception area for eventual meetings with clients. Also, the lap pool becomes essential for leisure activities that enjoy direct contact with nature through the back yard, one of the main spaces for the family to come together. In the second floor, each of the three children has a room with an open terrace that allows different outdoor activities for each, while simultaneously maintaining visual transparency among them.The house is being built in a fully exposed concrete structure, whith flat gardened roofings. This way, ensuring a decent view for upper houses in the neighborhood, and guaranteeing a complete enjoyable experience of house and landscape.


Una familia de cinco, los dos padres corredores de bolsa y sus tres hijos, encontraron este lote, uno de los últimos discponibles en Santa Ana oriental, al nororiente de Bogotá. La idea fue aprovechar la topografía del lugar, la vista a la ciudad y las posibilidades paisajísticas de una casa casi suburbana en un sitio privilegiado de la ciudad. El primer piso integra la zona social con un área de ofi cina compartida y un área de reuniones con potenciales clientes. De igual manera, la piscina se vuelve un punto esencial para el contacto con la naturaleza a través de los jardines. En el segundo piso, las alcobas de los tres niños con sus respectivas terrazas individuales mantienen una transparencia visual entre los tres espacios. La casa se pensó en concreto arquitectónico a la vista, con cubiertas planas verdes, conviertíendose simultáneamente en una vista agradable para los vecinos.


2004 | Suburban housing: Macadamia (collaboration in private competition)

Private competition for development of a large suburban housing project, convened by promoter Pedro Gómez. In this area, allowed density is 4 housing units per hectare. The main idea was proposing paired houses with a central patio, of around 180m2 built area, that would adapt to different topographic conditions of the sloped site.

Design: Ernesto Jimenez, Alvaro Cortés Boshell | Team: Tatiana Melendez, Isidro Salcedo, Lisa María Perez

2003 | Edificio Virrey (collaboration in architectural development)

Designed by Arch. Ernesto Jimenez. 10 storey building in northeastern neighborhood in Bogotá, El Chicó. 41 apartments from 100 to 200 m2. Formerly three lots with houses of the fifties, the total site area sums about 3,000 m2. The building is L shaped, with its short side facing the Virrey Park. All units, mostly duplex, have guaranteed ventilation and illumination through their two facades, main one towards the street or the park, and the rear one oriented to a large central area with visitors parking spaces and a small chldren´s park. What I did in this project was essentially collaborate in general plans drawing and detailing for construction process for about two years.

Fachada oriental del edificio

Project Design: Ernesto Jimenez | Construction: Jimenez Cortés Toro Ltda | Project manager: Isidro Salcedo | Photo: Daniel Guzmán