2005 | Biblioteca Paz de Ariporo, first prize in public competition: Three Libraries in Casanare, Colombia

Client: Ministerio de Cultura, SCA Regional Casanare, Fonade, Gobernación del Casanare | Team: David Delgado, Angela Rueda, Gabriel Campuzano, Felipe Bermudez, Alejandro Peña.


2005 | Biblioteca Yopal, second prize in public competition: Three Libraries in Casanare, Colombia

A large, tree-like shadow thought to produce silence, intimacy and a desirable environment for concentration. A sort of woven texture that filters sunlight and protects space from rain configures this large “shadow”, also proposed as a space to socialize. The building is put on site in two separate two-storey buildings, trying to leave enough free space around, in order to have a surrounding park with different qualities of public spaces, from green areas to hard-floored squares. The library is 2,500m2 area.

Project Authors: Gabriel Campuzano, Felipe Bermudez.

2005 | Biblioteca Villanueva, third prize in public competition: Three libraries in Casanare, Colombia

A sequence of natural and artificial shadows in a small lot. The urban environment suggests the creation of a much more private site that without isolating itself from the town, involves public space in its interior, generating sufficient visual aperture through transparency of parts of the building. Confined courtyards are places suitable for outdoor reading and other cultural activities; reason why the library is somewhat a large roofing that allows ventilation and guarantees appropriate lighting conditions for academic purposes.

Project authors: Angela Rueda, Alejandro Peña